Spanish Beginner Lessons

Building the foundation

Do you have little or no exposure to the Spanish language? Has it been a while since you have taken a Spanish course? Do you need a refresher on beginner vocabulary and basic grammar?

This Spanish Beginner Lessons 90-day program is for you!

Whether you have no previous exposure, are just starting with the language, or want to refresh your vocabulary and language skills, the beginner lessons are a great start. Spanish beginner lessons are ideal for anyone who is new to the Spanish language and wishes to embark on a journey to learn this widely spoken and culturally rich language.

These lessons typically start with basic greetings, common expressions, and simple vocabulary, allowing learners to build a foundation for effective communication. Emphasis is placed on essential language skills, including listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

The lessons often incorporate interactive activities, such as dialogues, games, and role-playing exercises, to make the learning experience engaging and practical. Additionally, beginners will learn about the Spanish alphabet, pronunciation rules, and basic grammar concepts to enable them to construct simple sentences and engage in basic conversations. These lessons aim to foster a comfortable and supportive environment for non-speakers to acquire essential language skills and develop confidence in their ability to communicate in Spanish.

You will be able to:

  • Introduce yourself and greet peers and strangers.
  • Describe yourself, your family, your town, your home, your profession, and your friends.
  • Ask and answer questions about familiar topics.
  • Give examples of differences between English and Spanish modes of expression.
  • Discuss schedules and make simple plans.
  • Covers the present tense
Spanish Beginner Lessons

After becoming familiar with the sounds and rhythms of Spanish, learning some essential vocabulary, acquiring basic grammatical structures, including the present tense of verbs, and developing simple conversational, written, and reading skills, you can move on to Spanish Intermediate Lessons.

Are you ready to try Spanish Beginner lessons?

Spanish for Beginners

Conversational Spanish