Spanish Advanced Lessons Levels I & II

Taking it to the next level

Are you able to hold a conversation with advanced vocabulary? Are you familiar with the present and past tense? Are you looking to expand your grammar? Are you more conversational?

This 90-day program is for you!

Advanced Level I

Advanced Lessons Level I will increase and improve your vocabulary and grammar at a higher level. Primary emphasis will be placed on effective oral communication and writing, listening, and reading skills.

At this level, you will be able to:

  • Discuss topics that include health, food, technology, and travel
  • Analyze past and present and hypothesize about the future
  • Express expectations, hopes, doubts, emotions, and opinions
  • Give advice to others
  • Give and receive directions
  • Covers the present subjunctive

Advanced Level II

This is the continuation of Advanced Level I. Increase and improves your vocabulary and grammar at a higher level.

At this level, you will be able to:

  • Talk about health, well-being, nutrition, and physical activities
  • Talk about future plans
  • Discuss work
  • Express agreement and disagreement and what you would like to do
  • Express hesitation
  • Discuss current events and issues, and discuss the media
  • Covers the present, past, and future perfect, past subjunctive, and the present and past conditional perfect

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